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We develop next generation batteries.

High-performance batteries are key components in mobile and stationary electrically-powered applications, and are also the most complex elements in the system. Particularly in high energy and output ranges, the durability and reliability of a system must be high, placing significant technical demands on the batteries.

The Battery Alliance is concerned with both primary and secondary (rechargeable) systems, from small-scale applications such as button cells to large stationary systems such as redox-flow batteries.

Electrical energy storage devices in vehicles must meet a particularly wide range of (sometimes contradictory) requirements, regarding for example their cost, energy and power density, cycle stability, temperature range and safety. In order to adapt lithium ion batteries for use in vehicles, optimization is needed in a variety of areas. The institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have competences in virtually all of these areas.


5th Workshop »Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries«

Announcement and Call for Papers

HIL battery simulator and e-mobility inductive power transmission system

At the International Trade Fair for Mobility which opened yesterday, the Kassel branch of Fraunhofer IWES presented two of their products within the framework of “Fraunhofer System Research for Electromobility “. The two products are a hardware-in-the-loop battery simulation system and an inductive power transmission system for electric vehicles.

Fraunhofer ISIT presents extremely robust high-power energy storage for electromobility

During most of the operating time road vehicles run in the partial-load operational range. For short term "power-hungry" activities such as overtaking, pulling out into traffic on the highway etc. significant additional power reserves must be held available. For these power peaks Fraunhofer ISIT has developed an additional modular accumulator system in the last two years, consisting of an extremely robust high-power battery ("Li-Booster") combined with a highly responsive and power efficient battery electronics. At this year's International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Fraunhofer ISIT will present this lithium-booster-system the public.

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