In the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, individual cells with a different technological basis can be developed into battery modules and complete battery systems for various applications, including electromobility, stationary energy storage devices and specific applications, according to our customers' needs. Work covers the simulation-based design of the mechanical construction and the cooling system, joining technologies, safety concepts, the development of battery management systems and the accompanying algorithms for measuring charge and aging, and optimized charging and operating strategies. The interfaces of the modular battery systems are configured to facilitate system integration in terms of both performance and communication.

Development of customer-specific secondary batteries from prototypes to small series, based on lithium-polymer technology

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Foils for electrodes, commutators and casings are the starting materials for the production of lithium-polymer batteries

The rapidly growing market for network-independent electronic devices and the increasing electrification of vehicle motors has generated an increased demand for high-performance secondary batteries.

For applications that place particularly high demands on the electrical properties and/or the design of energy storage devices, conventional secondary batteries have unsatisfactory drawbacks.

The lithium-polymer secondary battery system developed by the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance can be used to achieve specific requirement profiles. Starting with the development of foils, the manufacturing concept enables the production of customer-specific secondary batteries in a wide range of formats. Manufacturing capacities installed in collaboration with an industrial partner allow rapid implementation in large-scale production.

The technology enables both variable design and the integration of different electrode materials and adjusted electrolytes, which can be tested and qualified in full and half-cell series.

At the partner institutes the complete processing chain for the manufacture and characterization of lithium-polymer secondary batteries is available, from foil technology and cell assembly to measurement and characterization:

Fabrication of pastes and foils Construction of secondary batteries Measurement field

Accompanying measurement technology

Impellers Stamping and cutting tools Impedance measuring station REM
Bead mills Laminators Potentiostats Tensile testing device
Viscometer Sealing stations Battery tester (300 ports) Climate chambers
Tapecasting unit US-welder Climate chambers Karl-Fischer moisture meter
  Drying ovens   Calorimeter
  Glove boxes   Thermography
  Half-cell holder    



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